The majority of Panocean lawyers have many years of work experience, including many lawyers who have many years of experience in public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's courts. Panocean lawyers are committed to the realization of social justice and the construction of a society ruled by law. With solid theoretical foundation, broad knowledge dimension and rich practical experience, they have safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of customers to the greatest extent and won high praise from customers.

The main business includes:

Legal aconsulting during the crime prevention phase;

Make a appeal oraccusation on behalf of the suspect;

Acting as an attorney in the criminal cases;

Apply for bail pending trial and request to cancel or change the compulsory measures;

A written submission of a criminal suspect who is not guilty, sinful or mitigated, and exempted from criminal responsibility;

Investigate and collect evidence materials related to the case in accordance with the law;

Court investigations and court debates, and submit written submission .


The majority of Panocean lawyers graduated from well-known law schools at home and abroad, and have solid legal theory and rich experience in litigation and non-litigation. For decades, Panocean lawyers have handled a large number of civil and commercial litigations from the local courts of the Supreme People's Court, the Shanghai Arbitration Commission, the Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, etc..They are committed to using the law to solve the urgent need of customers, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers, to safeguard social justice.

The main business includes:

lawyer attestation

lawyer’s letter

marriage and family

Heritage inheritance

Labor Arbitration

Traffic accident

Private lending, personal and personality rights infringement disputes;

Mediation, arbitration, litigation of property and personal insurance contract disputes;


Shanghai Panocean Law Firm has a team of experienced sea merchants who handle a large number of influential maritime lawyers team. Panocean has also maintained long-term good cooperative relations with a number of national comprehensive insurance companies. Panocean can provide clients with case dispute handling and consulting services related to shipbuilding, cargo transportation, etc., and can provide legal services for non-litigation business such as construction, leasing, etc. of ports, ships and offshore projects.

The main business includes:

Bill of lading or other sea waybill dispute

Contract for the carriage of goods by sea

demise charter, time charter, charter, and contract of carriage;

Shipborne cargo (including baggage) or its associated loss or damage

towage agreement

ship construction, contracting, trading, operation, management contract

Crew labor contract

Ship dispute

Ship mortgage

Review and negotiation of maritime contracts or bills of lading

Ship insurance, cargo insurance contract

Ship seizure, cargo retention, maritime security agency agreement, shipping agency, freight forwarding

Logistics business, multimodal transport;

Marine container leasing, rescue contract, towing, towing, port operation

Foreign-related negotiations on maritime

administrative reconsideration and litigation.


Panocean has served as a legal advisor to a number of listed companies. They has provided various legal services for litigation and non-litigation for various clients over the years, helping the company to get rid of litigation difficulties, eliminate internal hazards and build a sound legal framework for the company. During the years of dealing with corporate business, Panocean Lawyers have established good communication channels with relevant regulatory authorities (especially industrial and commercial, taxation), and has established good relations of cooperation with other intermediary structure (brokerage, investment banking department of certified public accountants assessment agency auction institution, etc.)

The main business includes:

Serving as corporate legal counsel;

Company establishment, merger, division, acquisition, transfer;

Company project market survey, legal feasibility study;

Company liquidation, bankruptcy, restructuring;

State-owned enterprises restructuring and restructuring;

Transfer of property rights of state-owned enterprises;

Negotiates various types of contracts.

Other Fields

Shanghai Panocean Law Firm has a team of lawyers with expertise and experience in engineering construction and real estate, intellectual property, finance and insurance, and foreign-related business. During the long-term practice, Panocean Lawyers demonstrated their understanding of domestic and international market trends, Chinese laws and regulations, and government regulatory policies, and achieved the ultimate goal of providing high-quality, high-efficiency services to customers. They also got highly praised from the customers.

The main business of engineering construction and real estate includes:

Engineering construction contract;

Project environmental assessment report;

Real estate development and trading;

Land acquisition (foreign) investment and development projects;

Merger acquisition of land and houses;

Purchase and lease of office/plant for investment projects;

Owner consultation and contract drafting;

Mortgage and financing;

negotiate with Government departmentsand register.

The main business scope of intellectual property rights includes:


Trade secret protection;



Anti-unfair competition;

Technical trade;

Domain name dispute;

Trade name/company name dispute;

Software protection, etc.

The main businesses of finance and insurance include:

Project financing (including BOT, export credit, etc.);

Trade finance (documentary credit, business documents);

Financial fraud;

Loans and mortgages;

Credit investigation and borrower qualification investigation;

Mortgage or pledge of property rights Lawyer review and administrative registration;

Various types of insurance business.

The main business of foreign-related business includes:

Daily legal affairs of foreign-invested enterprises;

Foreign-related intellectual property protection

international trade

International dispute settlement.


Shanghai Panocean Law Firm has a team of professional maritime lawyers. The team members not only have solid legal foundation, but also have study abroad experience. Most members have many years of experience in maritime practice and experience in court trial work. The team has handled many cases of ship collisions, oil pollution, etc., and is good at handling various complicated maritime legal disputes. It can provide customers with solutions in the first time and provide customers with the best quality legal services.

The main business includes:

Ship collision

Ship touch fixed facility

Ship oil pollution

Ship fire explosion

Casualties at sea

General average

Shipwreck rescue

Maritime arbitration