Since 2010

Approved by the Shanghai

Municipal Bureau of Justice

Shanghai Panocean Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm initiated by a senior lawyer and approved by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice in 2010. It specializes in providing legal services ,including maritime, intellectual property, engineering construction and real estate, finance and insurance, and foreign affairs as well as corporate legal counsel.

Panocean Law Firm based in Shanghai and against the background of the construction of an international financial center and an international shipping center. With advanced concepts and international vision, it adheres to the development path of specialization, internationalization and scale, and strives to become a first-class law firm.

After long-term development and accumulation, at present, Panocean Law Firm has established a professional team with fine division of labor in different professional fields, and through the cooperation between the teams, provides timely and efficient services to customers.

The Maritime Business is traditional business led by lawyers from all walks of life who are able to provide timely and efficient services to clients.

The fields of intellectual property, engineering construction and real estate business have also begun to take shape, and they have made great achievements in theoretical level and practical operation. In other emerging areas such as finance and insurance, foreign affairs and corporate legal counsel, panocean lawyers also have the advantage of competing with their peers.

Panocean lawyers graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, many of them have obtained master's degrees and doctoral degrees and many partners and consultants are concurrently university professors. The profound legal theory foundation provides an important guarantee for the quality of legal services.Under the integrated management mode of the firm, each team is equipped with paralegal, secretarial, and translators in addition to lawyers and consultants. The team supports each other and cooperates closely to solve major and complicated legal affairs.

With professional talents and a professional attitude, Panocean Law Firm has always been committed to providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality services, and has established partnerships with banks, insurance companies, domestic and foreign shipping companies, trading companies, lawyer counterparts and notaries.